Session II

Prof. Philippe Heynderickx

Environmental and Energy Research Center, Ghent University Global Campus, Korea

[Session 2 - Chair]

Introduction of affiliation/ Relation to the Marine Global Project

The research of Prof. Heynderickx is closely related to the presented topics, such as (1) the synthesis of fine chemicals and polymers from blue carbon using MOFs (metal organic framework) and (2) thermochemical conversion of marine waste biomass towards renewable fuels and chemicals.
Prof. Heynderickx has several ongoing PhD research topics at GUGC on (1) biochar and activated carbon synthesis from waste seaweed and the corresponding exploration for applications (adsorbents and catalysts), as well as on (2) MOFs for catalysis applications, such as industrially relevant esterification reactions and sugar (bio-based feedstock) conversion into platform chemicals, such as 5-hydroxymethylfurfural.